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About Andreas

Hello, my name is Andreas, I was born in 1973, I come from Munich/Bavaria, I have a degree in communications and have worked at Munich Airport for almost 15 years. I offer freelance yoga classes in Munich and Gran Canaria.

Important : YoMo is science based (not religious). No singing, no chakras, no gurus and no oms. Forget all stereotypes, we teach yoga for health and well-being and have no affiliation with any religion or dogma. We welcome people of all faiths, sexuality and gender. We respect individuals as unique and embrace diversity.

Slow flow Vinyasa

If you want to discover yoga 🧘   for yourself, you need a foundation!

Our SLOW FLOW VINYASA (Vinyasa=movement and breathing) class is expressly for beginners, for all age groups.

The class is structured in such a way that everyone can participate. I offer modifications and alternatives for all postures and together we will consider how you can make the lesson effective. We focus on breathing and work on Sun Salutations A/B (the basis for Vinyasa Yoga) and postures that are good for you.

Duration : 60 mins

Scientific Studies of Deep Stretching

Zoom Classes

Zoom classes are coming soon!

I teach:

  • Basics for yoga

  • Slow Flow Vinyasa classes (I don't like the word beginners but .. 😇 )

  • Deep stretching classes

  • mobility classes

Write to me and we'll make an appointment!

Mobility Course

I also offer individual mobility courses. Train with me with the fitball (those big plastic balls) or a pilates ring and we combine that with deep stretching and yoga poses. In particular, we train:


  • abdominal workout

  • back workout

  • More flexibility

  • More mobility


Write to me!

Summer offer 2023


You want to try yoga and/or deep stretching?
Train with me: 4 x 60 min for only 99 € in total!

Offer valid until 09/01/23
Valid for 14 days after booking.

Your holiday in Gran Canaria

Are you on vacation and not only want sea, beach and sun but also want to do something for your body?  Start yoga!

Would you like to become or stay mobile and flexible?  Join my deep stretching courses!

A course of at least 4 weeks makes sense!
Are you only staying 1 or 2 weeks?

No problem!  😍 We can perfectly combine live and online/ zoom classes!  In the park, on the beach or in the hotel and in the comfort of your own home!  Write and train with me!

Is Yoga safe?

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-10 at 12.46.11.jpg

Yoga is a safe sport.

Did you know that injuries that occur are often re-injuries?  Old problems reappear.

Did you know that muscle pain experienced by the trainer is often not that bad?  Muscles are well supplied with blood and heal relatively quickly.

Did you know that pressure pain is mostly harmless and can be relieved with a pillow or yoga blocks or modifications?


Did you know that many doctors recommend yoga as part of therapy?  Movement can heal!


Did you know that sudden, stabbing joint pain is problematic?  If you have this pain, stop exercising and consult a doctor.


In general: before you start training, get advice from a doctor!

Science of Stretching™

Deep Stretching: Staying, or Becoming, Agile and Flexible.  A kind of Yin Yoga based on scientific knowledge.  We practice yoga poses that are simple and effective and that make us mobile, agile and flexible again through stretching. Target group: all people of all ages, athletes.

Best : 15 min homework daily ! 

Duration: once a week / 60 min 


Write to me! 

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